The content of this project is based on (and sourced from) the wall behind my house, which has been both an inspiration and an eyesore for many years.


I have lived in the same place, with this same variably-overgrown wall sitting behind it, since the age of eleven. Since age fourteen, I had nebulous (read: excessively researched but un-implemented) plans to apply for permission to paint it, since the wall is technically public property.

Age sixteen, I had the epiphany that this ugly wall was in fact literal miles of blank canvas - more than I could ever fill myself - and thus a better idea might be to establish a process or organization through which other artists could take advantage of the wall.

So far, it is yet another endeavor shelved for 'when I have time.' I continue to think it would be a fantastic project to set up in the spring, execute in the summer, and appreciate in the fall.

Ceilidh (kale) is, as of July 2022, an undergraduate student at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

They work mostly in illustration, but have incorporated their weird photo hobby into this project.
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